About me

Since the evolution of the internet, social media has become the primary way of sharing your life experiences, your opinions, photos, and your overall identity with the world.

This media had its roots in the early 2000s as websites like Facebook, and MySpace helped spark up this whole trend.

Social media was created for people to communicate, to make their lives easier, to share information with each other, to share pictures, music, videos, locations, to find jobs.

Nowadays the most popular forms of social media are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, different blogs, Google+, Viber, web sites for game playing etc.

People can also use social media to create and develop their own business. Basically any social media network can be used to find people to buy or sell our products, and there are also platforms which specialize in this..

With the help of social media, students and professors can communicate easily, they can talk about many different things and we can find people like us who share the same interests.

Business owners can chat with their customer base, workers and other owners as well.

One of the best things about social media is that it can unite people in many ways and it can help them to achieve some greater goal.

However, social media can also have negative effects. Maybe the worst of them all is that social media leads to addiction if it is not used properly. It lowers the attention, especially in teenagers and students as well as lowering their interest in learning and experiencing things in real life.

Another bad side of the social media is that we all share too much information – our location, our phone etc. and this may be harmful to us, as the internet is sometimes a dangerous place. Even though the information is very secured, leaks are still possible and your personal data  can be exposed. Also, someone can easily download all of your pictures and videos and start sharing them to other people or media.

Social media can be harmful to children if they use them. People sometimes post and share photos and videos, containing sex and violence and parents might be concerned with this as well.

Overall, the rise of social media has brought many positive things in the modern life, and even though there are some negative ones, the positive still outweighs it. It’s hard to argue against these platforms bringing us some fun, as well as the liberty to express yourself, as well as to connect with long lost people, or to simply make new acquaintances.

When it comes to social media, anyone can find what they are looking for. Selfie enthusiasts can find joy on websites such as instagram, snapchat and shots, while people looking to socialize can go to the ever popular facebook, and you can also voice your opinion on twitter.

Creating the account is always easy, and when you’re out there, make sure to always post funny, or entertaining content to expand your audience.