How do I decide which social media is the best for me?

When it comes to social media the choices are almost unlimited. But how do you know which one is the best for you?
If you are looking for social media for your business you will have to choose wisely. You will need a media with a lot of monthly users, like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest.
You will have to choose a network, the users are using constantly, like Facebook. Instagram. YouTube etc.
If you are just looking for the right social media for yourself, not for your business, you will have to know why you’re needing this account and what do you do with it once when you have it. If you’re trying to find people you haven’t seen in a while, well, the correct media for you will be Facebook, Google+. If you’re interested in sharing your life and knowledge, it will be best for you to consider something like video sharing on YouTube. If you are looking for a way to find a new job – LinkedIn is the way to go.
If you are new at this, you may find things a little bit hard to understand, but you should know, that at the end of the day, those platforms are made to make your life a little bit easier.

Do I really need a social media?

Nowadays it seems like everyone has a social media. Everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. And you can easily start to wonder “Do I really need this? All these people seems to be obsessed by all this media, than why should you be in it? Will it made my life better?”
If you run a business the answer is definitely “YES”. You will need advertising and the social media is one of the best ways to do it.
If you are not a business owner, you can use a social media to be in touch with your friends, to share your life and experience, to learn and watch and you can even use social media to kill some time.

How to get more fans and followers?

With social media the numbers are not always this important. It is so much better for you to have a few fans that are actually active, than many, who are inactive. To gain fans and followers, you will have to provide with some quality stuff like information, pictures, videos, ads. You will have to keep you audience happy and satisfied all the time.

How much will social media cost?

The social media do cost. Not necessarily with money, but sometimes you have to spend a lot of time using social media, which is a very precious asset. And besides, there are features that do cost, but you can avoid them and use everything for free.

How to handle negative comments?

Once you decide to use social media, you will have to remember that not everyone will like you every once in a while, there will be negative comments. If you are using social media for business, this will be the perfect way for you to learn from those negative comments and turn them into something good. You will have to remember that even though there are negative comments, this doesn’t mean that your profile will go down. You’ll just have to keep up the good work.