The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Social Media Platforms

Social media is regarded today as an elementary part of modern life, and surely helps us in some way, however sometimes it is a two edged sword. And while it is true that you must have a social media account to keep up with everything that your friends are doing, or with what is currently happening in the celeb world, sometimes it can have some pretty dangerous features. So without further adieu, here are some of the pros and cons of social media platforms.

The good


If you are a business owner, this is probably the only thing of interest to you. Simply put: a business can only benefit from social media, as it is the most dominant, and most popular marketing medium today. Everything else became pretty much overlooked, as social media offers by far the greatest audience available, and is unmatched by commercials, or billboards.


Social media is the primary method of communication today and the rising usage of Facebook, and various chatting platforms lets you connect with people from another part of the globe.


Aspiring artists will get a first taste of an actual audience on social media, and everyone who is looking to share their creation with the world, can do it easily, and gain more and more audience as people like, and talk about their work.

Uniting people

So many causes were started on social media, and so many important social trends were created and changed, all with the goal of making the world a better place, and unifying everyone.

The bad


As with anything, social media can lead to addiction if done too much, and trust me, it’s so easy to get caught up on hanging around on social media platforms all the time, and this can lead to some serious issues. Kids and teenagers especially have an increased risk of this happening as they often rely too much on technology when it comes to their daily tasks, leading them to spend too much time online.

Inappropriate content

As much as it is great to have full freedom on the internet, this carries some bad things with it as well. As anyone can post what they went, often you can run into some explicit content, which is just not suitable for everyone’s eyes.

Data theft

Sure, social media platforms always hold excellent security measures against attacks, however, hackers are simply persistent, and with so many personal information given to these websites, there is always a slight risk of your information being stolen, and leaked online.


Truth is, social media is whatever you intend it to be. If used responsibly it is a great, useful tool for keeping in touch with people and chatting with far away pals. Business will also profit from it immensely as it allows you to stay connected with your customers. However people should look to protect their children, and limit their access to social media, as internet can simply be a bad place sometimes.