What Do Latest Facebook Newsfeed Changes Mean And Why Are Influencers Curious?

Facebook has all along been making changes to its algorithm and the site in general and people have always responded to every change made by the social network. If the recent planned changes are anything to go by, influencers are a group that is most curious about how these could impact their relationships on Facebook. This is because the tech giant is making changes to the most important tool for influencers: the timeline. But how does this impact everyone and what is it?

Controversies about adult content

Perv Mom
Perv Mom – Coming Soon to Facebook?

Facebook is known for dealing harshly even with something remotely connected to adult content. We recently found out that Facebook is really interested in putting some adverts of the newest adult series called Perv Mom. It’s been launched in February of 2018 and the website will feature video fantasy stories of step moms engaging in sexual scenarios with their step sons. It’s taboo subject and it’s hardly available for promotion of any kind but you can preview all the videos on this tube website. Will we see these perv moms popping up on Facebook pages? Time will tell.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, shared a post expressing his commitment to the new goal of the company. According to Mark, Facebook has been going through a number of challenges including the explosion of fake news and he thought the best way to bring everything back to normal is to look back and try to restore the social network to function the way it was intended when it started. What this means is that the company will roll out an algorithm that will help to give priority to friends’ posts and photos, which means a lot of the promotional content you see might disappear.

Impact to influencers
Definitely, the implementation of these changes will be a plus to users of the site who have nothing to do with brand promotion. Everyday users looking to connect with friends will find this a good initiative, but businesses might have a reason to worry. In 2018, if the changes are rolled out, we should see more organic content from users on the site at the expense of content from brands.

However, every influencer uses a unique content style that helps to appeal to their audience, so this could help most of them stay relevant amidst the changes. Influencers will gain more through organic content, but unpaid content from brands might suffer a lot.

Businesses should consider new marketing channels
If your company relies solely on Facebook and Instagram for marketing, these changes could deal a huge blow to its growth, so it’s time to also consider other channels of promotion. Probably it is the right time to identify influencers who share your ideas and have the capacity to drive engagement to your business. Get an influencer who understands your audience and style of promotion and you will sail through the tough measures implemented by Facebook.

What’s the future of Facebook marketing?
Many people are wondering what then will happen to Facebook marketing going forward. Facebook decided it will not show you more business content and rather, they will work to ensure you get more social posts. This is one of the measures put in place to help in the fight against fake news, which has attracted criticism from various corners. All the questions we have will be addressed once the changes take effect in a matter of few months, so maybe this will not be as terrible as many businesses think. Bottom-line is that influencers will have more power in their hands more than ever before.

Businesses that use Facebook to promote their products and services might have to turn to other avenues as the new timeline changes give priority to social content over promotional material. This gives influences more power that businesses could still utilize to implement their marketing goals.