The Rise Of Social Memes And How They Are Created

Entertaining memes on social media may trigger you to click the like icon and share on another media platform. What you may not be aware of is that memes are used to judge your opinion on a certain issue. They are a form of communication to the public indirectly seeking your opinion through giving feedback. Memes may be in form of a website, a hashtag, a hyperlink, a video or an image.

Brother CrushBrother Crush – From Meme To Series

An awesome story, this one. Brother Crush was first just an Internet meme circling around in the LGBT community. Then, someone took the idea seriously and brought us an actual adult video website with exclusive fantasy episodes of step brother living under one roof, having a crush on each other. You know how it ends – the only way possible. 🙂

The Rise Of Memes

In 1976, Richard Dawkins in his book ‘The Selfish Gene’ tried to explain how information spreads.  By 1990s, people used short memes in form of Pokémon cards to influence public opinion. Word of mouth and marketing has made memes become popular as years go by.

Today, memes are a means for people to express themselves by either agreeing with the idea presented to them in a simple interesting way or critiquing it. The rise of the internet has led to the spread of memes for the community to share what they believe in.

How Are Memes Created?

The dark side of the internet known as 4chan is responsible for creating memes. Once a meme is born, sites such as Reddit, Memebase, and Imgur help in the distribution of memes to all kinds of social media platforms. Facebook is commonly used because it is popular among people of all ages from all over the world. Through sharing and tagging friends, memes go viral.

How Are Memes Used?

Memes As Marketing Tools

Companies such as bark box, ruffles, and John’s, use digital marketing to come up with brand memes as a way of advertising their products. Sharing them on social media helps them receive feedback about their products.

Memes are used as a marketing strategy so as to increase awareness of a certain brand. Through feedback, analysts can tell how popular a product is as well as its flaws from negative feedback so as to improve it.

Memes As A Data Source

There are all kinds of memes that measure demographic ideas. These include political memes, celebrity memes, those that cover current events or feature global leaders. Insights on different memes are extracted from meme sphere.

Social media collects data through feedback from memes that cover serious topics in a light manner such political stands of people regarding a certain political figure. From such a meme, social analysts gauge the popularity of the leader according to the number of posts, shares, and reshares of the specific political meme enabling data to be collected.