Crazy Facts About Social Media That Will Blow Your Mind

The usage of Social Media websites has increased a great deal since the last few years. Facebook started the craze, and Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. joined in later. The features and user satisfaction have improved a great deal for all major networking sites and applications/apps. Here are some facts and figures about Social Media that might surprise you!

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1.    Twitter Search

Twitter is popular for the ability to raise one’s opinions in limited number of characters and giving a stage for popular people to reach out to largest number of people especially their fans to express their concerns or update about their upcoming projects.

  • One very enlightening fact about Twitter is that it sincerely raises over 24 billion search queries per month. In comparison to that, other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing generate only 9.4 billion and 4.1 billion searches respectively (per month).

2.    Facebook Content Sharing

Facebook is known for its accessibility and user satisfaction. People all over the world connect through Facebook but now the social media networking site is used mainly for marketing purposes. However, its original purpose of personal content sharing remains popular.

  • An amazing fact about Facebook is the extent of content sharing as compared to other sites such as Instagram generating 3,600 new photos and Foursquare with 2,083 check-ins per minute (approximately). It produces 939000 content posts every minute every day! Check out all the latest Facebook figures right here (as of April 2019).

3.    YouTube & Youtubers

YouTube has been the most popular site for streaming videos online all over the world. In fact, in the recent years, many Youtubers are now as recognized as celebrities. Stand ups, tutorials, reviews, short films, web series, etc. have grown owing to this platform.

  • YouTube generates over 300 hours of streaming content every minute. Also, an average viewer easily watches at least 40 minutes of content on a daily basis. Every person in today’s generation looks up to and admires to be a Youtuber! The fame attached to the title is certainly unmeasurable.

4.    Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most used applications amongst youngsters. Majority of the users were registered to be below the age of 35. The concept of Bloggers gained importance due to Instagram since people started advertising their likes, dislikes, and pictures attracting like-minded people from all over the world. They are now paid to promote products and brands!

  • Over 95-100 million pictures are uploaded on the platform on a daily basis. The count of monthly active users has reached up to 800 million (approximately).

5.    Pinterest

Pinterest is the most fast-growing platform with a rate better than Facebook and all other social networking sites. It caters to all age groups and user satisfaction is greatest. It highlights content on the basis of one’s interests.

  • An interesting fact is that 79% of Pinterest users are females. This may be because its features cater more towards the shopping etiquette of women. Another related fact is that 88% of these women purchase the products they had pinned. People from all walks of life and occupations find their interest here. However, teachers, mothers, and students are the most frequent users of Pinterest.

6.    LinkedIn

LinkedIn, much like its name, helps you link or connect with entrepreneurs, HRs, and businessmen from various fields or industries. For job seekers, the site is a blessing in disguise!

  • The number of subscribers has reached up to approximately 332 million. In fact, two new users join LinkedIn every minute! Its revenue collection is increasing with every year.


There are many more social media websites such as Google+ Plus, Quora, Snapchat, etc. which have managed to excel in their particular strategies. Almost anyone who doesn’t access such platforms are considered outdated, which itself is the biggest crazy fact today!