Reasons behind the Meteoric Rise Of Social Media

The 21st century is marked with many inventions, changing social trends and overall technological advancement. One recurring theme through it all is the social media. In recent times, social media has went from a serviced used by rare individuals, to a mandatory part of life, as today basically anyone with internet access has a social media profile somewhere. So why exactly did this happen. While the answer to this is very simple, it relies on different factors. Read the continuation of this article to find out all about it.

Social media lets people express themselves

Probably the primary reason for the amazing popularity of social media is that ultimate liberty to express yourself. Basically anyone can create a profile in a matter of minutes and start sharing its identity and opinion on anything that’s happening in the world. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all do a great job at letting people do this. Influential people, like celebrities and political figures especially benefit from this by gathering followers and spreading their influence. All in all, social media, is a trampoline for professionals, companies, or simply people who are vocal, and enjoy sharing their opinions.

Social media will help you find people who are similar to you

While most people will connect with family and friends, there are endless potential with social media, outside of your circle of familiar people. Social media websites usually have no barriers when it comes to meeting strangers, and you can simply look for your favorite hobbies, and interests, and you will also find other people who are passionate about these in no time. Communities are also a great way of doing this.

It is very easy and simple to communicate on social media

Right next to, spreading influence, and connecting, communication comes as another highly important aspect of social media, and perhaps the very reason why it was created in the first place. While many people are still against this sort of communication, it simply comes up as much more efficient and simple than phone communication for example. You can communicate with more people at the same time, either separate or in groups. Typing is quick and easy, and you are not restricted from other activities.

All mainstream social media are free to use

Almost all of the most widely used social medias are free for life. This is also the ultimate testament of their popularity, as the websites are profitable through sheer amount of monthly users, and do not require any form of subscription. Social media websites usually allow users to use basically all of their features without ever paying a penny, and that is likely to remain the same.


Chances are that if you are reading this article now, you probably have either a facebook, or instagram, or twitter profile, as nowadays everyone with an internet connection does. Social media websites have become the number one platform for sharing, and keeping up with trends. If you ever wondered what were the reasons for this are, this article informed you well.