Most Popular Social Networking Sites

The list of the most renowned social networking sites has certainly changed in the first few years. They will also continue to change with time. From the era of Myspace and Orkut, we have come to the age where Facebook and other social media apps will dominate. Here is a catalog of all the social networking sites that have gained high fame in these days:


Facebook is recognized to be the top social networking website in these days on the world wide web. In accordance with the statistics of 2015, the site has more than 1.59 billion active users. Almost one billion users log in and use this social media platform on a daily basis. Facebook messenger happens to be the second well renowned messaging app.


Twitter is counted to be the real time and public microblogging network. A number of users make use of this social networking site for iconic 140-character limit along with unfiltered feed where you can see almost everything. Twitter has been seen to change dramatically in the past few years. In these days, it has been criticized more for functioning and looking almost similar to Facebook. Apart from Twitter Card integration, where it is possible to share different kinds of multimedia content in tweets at ease, algorithmic timelines will come to Twitter in no time.


LinkedIn happens to be a social network which is used primarily by professionals. Profiles are designed in such a manner that it confers details of resumes, with different sections for education, work experience, volunteer work, certifications and different kinds of relevant work-related information. Users will be able of promoting the business and themselves as they will make connections with different professionals, post job ads, interact in group discussions, application to jobs, publishing articles on different topics in blogs, etc.


YouTube is recognized to be the second largest social media network. Though Google is the owner of this social media network, it is counted to be a separate social network where it is possible to watch videos on varied topics, upload your own videos, etc. Whether it is an independent film or movie, music or personal interview, Youtube has almost everything. Youtube has been able to launch a premium subscription option known as Youtube Red which is capable of removing almost all the advertisements from videos.


In these days, Instagram has come one of the well renowned social media networks for photo sharing. In this ultimate social media network, it is possible to share short videos and real-time photos. It is also considered to be a popular advertising platform for brands as well. In the past, the app was only available to iOS users. However, with the passage of time and increasing popularity, Windows and Android users are also using this social media network on an extensive scale.


Pinterest is another social media network which witnesses 10 million unique visits on a monthly basis. It is also recognized to be the most useful and enticing source for gathering the best images.

The popularity of these social media networks has enhanced many-fold in these days. Users are also       able to find their required and useful information with the aid of these social media networks.